Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kosciuszko Armstrong Defends His Father

Some background on the controversy regarding John Armstrong found here.

"...[Armstrong's] attention has lately been called to a work published by Thomas L. McKenney...contains dove-tailed among its chapters one of political reminiscence evidently intended as an attack on the late General Armstrong." 

"He [Colonel McKenney] was the leading member of the famous, or infamous, Georgetown mob Committee who waited on the President in 1814 to demand General Armstrong's removal from office."

Map Of Georgetown (Library Of Congress)

"He stands therefore before the public in a doubtful position denying the existence of a plot of which he was himself one of the most active and unscrupulous agents... ."

From Review of T. L. McKenney's narrative of the causes which, in 1814, led to General Armstrong's resignation of the war office  By Kosciuszko Armstrong [son of General Armstrong].

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