Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brethren In Fraternity, If Not In Arms

Welland Canal [NOT Beaver Dams - In General Vicinity]

It was at Beaver Dams near this old village that Lieut. Fitzgibbon of the 49th Regiment...made such a gallant fight in June of 1813. The story is told that an hour or two after the surrender when the American officers were within the British lines, Lieut. Fitzgibbon was told by a non-commissioned officer that two of the American officers were members of the Craft [Freemasons]. This fact, to the joy of the Americans, secured them comfortable quarters in the home of a resident who was a member of the lodge at Forty Mile Creek and who did what he could to make his brethren in fraternity, if not in arms, as comfortable as the circumstances would permit. [Source]

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