Friday, July 22, 2016

Disregarding The Treaty Of Greenville


From History of the Late War in the Western Country:

The various tribes, who were in the habit of visiting Detroit and Sandwich, were annually subsidized by the British. When the American agent at Detroit gave one dollar by way of annuity, the British agent on the other side of the river, Detroit, would give them ten. This course of iniquity had the intended effect; the Indians were impressed with a great aversion for the Americans; and disregarding the treaty of Greenville, they desired to recover the lands which they had ceded...".

They wished also to try their strength again with the "Big Knife," as they called the Kentuckians, in order to wipe away the disgrace of their defeat by General Wayne. And they were still promised the aid of the British, in the event of a war between the British and Americans. 

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