Monday, August 22, 2016

Madness To Continue At Credit Island

"To chastise the perfidious Sacs, became at once the duty of Governors Edwards and Clark, and Major Zachary Taylor was selected for the purpose; to ascend the river and punish them.  He left Fort Independence...August 2, 1814...".

"In that battle* Major Taylor had 11 men badly wounded, three mortally, and with the outnumbering horde of..[Indians] and English against his 334 men and officers, he conceived it would have been madness to continue the unequal contest, with no prospect of success.  At the council which followed he put the question to his officers direct and to a man, his position was sustained.  Accordingly the expedition, a pronounced failure... ." [Source]

Library Of Congress Map Excerpt
Credit Island - South Of Rock Island & Ft. Armstrong

*Credit Island (present-day map)

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