Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Boasters Hurried To Leave Detroit

South Of Detroit And North Of Lake Erie

From Pioneer Collections...(recollections of Aura P. Stewart of St. Clair County, Michigan):

"On entering Smith's Hotel, he saw a number of British officers seated around a table drinking whiskey and discussing the probabilities of success to the British arms.  One of their number, a civil officer, after filling his glass and elevating it high, said, 'God will bless the British arms, and I drink to the success of our brave seamen now engaged.'  At that speech o the British official, father said he became excited, and knowing that he could gain no satisfaction by replying left the house in disgust; but soon after Mr. Truax returned from Malden and brought the glad news of Perry's victory [on Lake Erie]; it was then amazing to see the boasters hurry to get over the Detroit river."

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