Monday, December 12, 2016

The Irishman In Canada (James Fitzgibbon)

The Irishman in Canada  

The history of Irishmen in Canada would not be complete without an account of this war necessarily within easily understood limits. The greatest feat performed during the three campaigns was performed by an Irishman; a man too who was a true hero in more senses than being a brave soldier entitles a man to that name. [James Fitzgibbon was an Irish hero]

But in truth the Americans thought taking Canada would be an easy task. With an ignorance and a vanity which provoke a smile, it was believed that the Canadians themselves would gladly exchange the union jack for the stars and stripes* and if they were not so wise in their election they must be taught wisdom.    *Even today we sometimes hear Americans talk in a strange way on this... .


See A veteran of 1812 ; the life of James FitzGibbonby FitzGibbon, Mary Agnes, 1851-1915, Published 1894

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