Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Militia's Serviceable Effective Appearance

The news had arrived that the long threatened invasion [from the American army under General Wilkinson] had at last taken place, and every available man was hurrying to meet it. We came up with several regiments of militia on their line of march.

[Did the home-spun militia uniforms look anything like the civilian costumes of 1812?]

They had all a serviceable effective appearance—had been pretty well drilled, and their arms being direct from the tower, were in perfectly good order, nor had they the mobbish appearance that such a levy in any other country would have had. Their capots and trowsers of home-spun stuff, and their blue tuques (night caps) were all of the same cut and color, which gave them an air of uniformity that added much to their military look, for I have always remarked that a body of men's appearance in battalion, depends much less on the fashion of their individual dress and appointments, than on the whole being in strict uniformity.

From Recollections of the war of 1812  By William Dunlop...:

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