Monday, February 6, 2017

A Price On His Head

Because of this occurrence Captain Rhea, who was authorized to receive and distribute the mail, is sometimes referred to as Fort Wayne's first postmaster and the big elm has been called the first post office. Rhea was fully cognizant of the impending trouble with the...[Native Americans], but he failed utterly to grasp the opportunity to make a name which should be written alongside those of the nation's heroes of the time in the west.


The Indian agent, Colonel Johnston, however, was alert*. On the 6th of February, 1811, he wrote Governor Harrison as follows omitting the name of his informant has been at this place. The information derived from him is the same I have been in possession of for several years, to wit, the intrigues of the British agents and partisans in creating an influence hostile to our people and government within our territory.  [Source]

*Apparently Colonel John Johnston needed to be alert because the British had "put a price on his head." [Source]

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