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Chronology Of Hull's Campaign

Journal of the War of 1812's chronology; links were added.

April To August 1812

Apr 08: General William Hull is appointed commander of Northwest Army; heads for Ohio.

Apr 29: Ohio Governor Return J. Meigs orders militia rendezvous in Dayton.

Apr 29: Three regiments of Ohio militia arrive at Dayton rendezvous.

May 10: Hull passes through Cincinnati, Ohio.

May 20: General Hull arrives in Dayton, Ohio.

May 25: Hull takes command of NW Army.

Jun 06: Indian tribes near Urbana agree to adhere to Treaty of Greenville (1795) terms.

Jun 01: Hull's Army begins march north; stops at Staunton, present-day Troy, Ohio).

Jun 07: Hull's Army reaches Urbana 

Jun 09: Urbana Indian council grants Army permission to cross tribal lands.

Jun 10: 4th US Infantry (Col. Duncan McArthur) joins Hull at Urbana.

Jun 16: Construction of Fort McArthur begun at King's Creek (near Kenton, Ohio).

Jun 18: US declares war on Great Britain

Jun 22: Hull's Army, delayed by rain, reaches Fort Necessity.

Jun 24: British forces in Canada receive news of declaration of war; a full week before Hull.

Jun 24: Secretary Eustis sends order to Hull with authorization to invade Canada (see Jul 02).

Jun 25: Hull's Army reaches Fort Findlay.

Jun 26: Hull receives Secretary of War William Eustis's warning that war is close at hand.

Jun 26: Col. Lewis Cass tasked with building road to the Rapids of the Maumee River.

Jun 30: Hull, at Fallen Timbers battlefield, dispatches boat to Detroit with papers.

Jul 02: Hull's Army reaches Raisin River in Michigan Territory; learns of declaration of war.

[Added] July 02: Capture Of The Cuyahoga Packet

Jul 05: Hull arrives near Detroit, opposite Sandwich; Cass refused entry to British outpost.

Jul 09: Hull received orders authorizing an invasion of Canada.

Jul 12: Colonel James Miller's and Cass's regiments cross into Canada; Hull's proclamation.

Jul 12: British forces under Colonel Thomas St. George at Fort Malden numbers about 900.

Jul 15: McArthur's command foraging in Canada; receipts are issued.

Jul 16: Miller and Cass reconnoiter towards Malden; Hull directs protection of Canadian private property.

[Added] Jul 17: Capture Of Mackinac

Jul 18: McArthur has two skirmishes with British forces at Aux Canards bridge.

Jul 19: In a report to Eustis, Hull is hopeful of a successful outcome for US.

Jul 21: Hull returns to Detroit; command of army in Canada falls to McArthur.

Jul 22: Hull reports to Eustis that he intends to lay siege to Fort Malden.

Jul 22: General Isaac Brock's counter-proclamation restores confidence in British arms.

Jul 25: Major James Denny confronts British again near Aux Canards bridge.

Jul 28: News of the fall of Fort Mackinac (Jul 17) reaches Hull at Detroit.

Aug 03: American Fort Mackinac garrison reaches Detroit under parole.

Aug 04: Major Thomas Van Horn, ordered to escort supplies, is ambushed near Brownstown.

Aug 05: Hull orders attack on Fort Malden.

Aug 07: The Army, readying for Malden attack, is ordered back to US soil.

Aug 08: Malden receives reinforcements under Colonel Henry Proctor.

Aug 09: Relief column under Miller attacked at Maguaga, south of Detroit.

Aug 10: Miller's column retreats to Detroit.

Aug 12: Subordinates meet and discuss Hull's fitness for command.

Aug 13: Hull refuses to allow maneuvering British, in view, to be fired upon.

Aug 15: British General Brock demands surrender of Detroit garrison.

Aug 15: Fort Dearborn (Chicago) is attacked and surrenders.

Aug 16: General William Hull surrenders to British under General Isaac Brock.

[Added] Aug 17: Proctor Left In Charge Of Detroit

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