Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pigeon Roost Massacre

...Pigeon Roost massacre...:

"There are appended here two accounts of the Pigeon Roost massacre, which seem to give some details not found in Dillon's History of Indiana worthy of preservation." [Source here]

The Pigeon Roost Massacre was featured on YouTube here.

"A body of Kickapoos and Winnebagoes attempted to gain admission to Fort Harrison, on the 3d of September. Captain Zachary Taylor, the commandant, kept the garrison on the alert. On the day following, an assault was made and the enemy gallantly repulsed. Foiled in this, the Indians [in the pay of the British government] fell upon the settlements on the Pigeon Roost Fork of White River and cruelly tortured and murdered twenty- one men, women and children."

"An escort of provisions of 13 men was surprised near Fort Harrison and cut to pieces. In Illinois and Missouri the most outrageous cruelties were committed and many of the settlements were completely deserted." [Source]

Also see History of the Pigeon Roost massacre here.

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