Saturday, August 13, 2011

Major John Whipple

From Bench and bar of Michigan: ....

WHIPPLE.  Charles Wiley Whipple was born at Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1805.  He was the son of Major John Whipple, an officer of the War of 1812, who won some notoriety in being fined for contempt by Judge Woodward, of the First Territorial Court of Michigan.  The offense consisted in uncomplimentary remarks made on the street concerning that jurist.  It was about the time when the factional quarrel in this court as a legislature was most bitter.  Governor Hull remitted the fine, and at the instance of Judge Woodward was indicted by the grand jury for the exercise of such clemency.  Judge Whipple was a graduate of West Point and afterwards studied law.  He was secretary of the Constitutional Convention of 1835, and President Judge of a circuit in 1850, succeeding Judge Ransom as Chief Justice.  He died in 1855, and was succeeded by Nathaniel Bacon.  His service on the Bench was long and creditable.

See a trial where Judge Charles Whipple presided here.  It's not related to the War of 1812, but it was through the "Daum trial" research that I found the information above.

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