Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fort Barbee

From History of Mercer County, Ohio,....: 

Fort Barbee was erected by Colonel Barbee near the west bank of the St. Mary's River, on the site of what afterwards became a Lutheran cemetary [sic], in the town of St. Marys.
From The Ohio Country....

The necessity for additional roads and places for the protection of food and other military supplies being urgent, General Harrison returned to St. Marys, where he found the expected Kentucky troops. Colonel Joshua Barbee was instructed to build there an ample fortification, and storehouse within the stockades, which was named Fort Barbee.

Winchester's report of the enemy was received by Harrison at Fort Barbee September 30th, as was also a report from Governor Meigs of a strong force of the enemy opposing Winchester. The three thousand men then at Fort Barbee were at once started direct for Defiance, Harrison commanding in person.

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