Friday, September 23, 2011

Women's Roles In The Northern Theater

 The Champlain 1812 website has resources  for lesson plans for parents and teachers, including one entitled

Misses, Mistresses, and Misconception, Women’s Roles in the Northern Theater Of the War of 1812 (a 28 page pdf file). 

An excerpt:
The Plattsburgh [NY] Republican, in November 1812, published the following, an indication of how women contributed to the war effort: “The young ladies of Manchester, Bennington county, have presented the troops belonging to the Vermont detached Militia with one hundred pairs of socks and mittens, which will ensure them the esteem of the soldiers, and entitle them to the respect of the citizens.” September, the time of the Battle of Plattsburgh, was the time when women had to begin planning for winter. Crops had to be harvested, preserved, placed in a root cellar, or dried. The advancing British army threatened this process, and raised fears of a loss of the winter food supply.

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