Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jennings Township War of 1812 Marker

Near Fort Jennings, Ohio:


On June 18, 1812, a war began which is considered to be the final phase of the 
American Revolution.  In the Northwest, early actions were disastrous to the 
United States.  The British, under General Proctor, and the Indians, under Tecumseh,
captured Mackinac Island; took Fort Dearborn (Chicago); forced General Hull to
surrender his army at Detroit; and massacred General Winchester's army on the 
River Raisin at Frenchtown (Monroe, Michigan).  The way was open for an invasion of Ohio.

In the spring and summer of 1813, the enemy failed in two attempts to take Fort 
Meigs, General Harrison's bastion on the Maumee.  The tide turned in favor of
the Americans.  In August, Major Croghan made his staunch stand at Fort Stephenson
(Fremont), and, in September, Commodore Perry swept the British fleet from the Lakes
in the Battle of Lake Erie near Put-In-Bay.  General Harrison then invaded Canada 
and in October 5th won a decisive victory in the Battle of the Thames.  Tecumseh
was killed in this battle and the war, to all intents was over in the northwest.

Erected in 1955
Jennings Township Trustees

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