Saturday, May 19, 2012

General Peter Buell Porter (1773-1844)

Portrait from The military heroes of the war of 1812: with a narrative of the war , by Charles Jacobs Peterson:

 "If any small group of people is to be blamed for bringing about the 1812 conflict, Peter Buell Porter is certainly among them" [Source
When Black Rock fell into the hands of the British in November 1812, General Porter's house became the headquarters of the enemy and he rallied a force and expelled them. He was engaged in General Alexander Smyth's attempt to invade Canada a few days later and his remarks on the affair led to a duel with Smyth. [Source]

A link to the Buell Family history.  It was also noted that Peter B. Porter and Jesse Root Grant [General Ulysses S. Grant's father] were both great-grandsons of Martha Buell [from The ancestry of General Grant, and their contemporaries...]

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Interesting about General Porter.I grew in a stone's throw of a big monument to him and never paid attention to the history until your post.