Sunday, May 20, 2012

Military Land Grants In Canada

Canadian land grants to regulars and militiamen and the List of lands granted by the crown in the province of Quebec, from 1763 to 31st December 1890 (here in plain text): grants were give to militiamen who had served in the war of 1775... . 232,281 acres were so granted to militiamen.  Those who served in the war of 1812 were also rewarded in the same manner and received 217,840 acres for their services.

All these grants were subject to the ordinary conditions of settlement and to the stipulation that the lands granted would revert to the Crown if the conditions were not fulfilled.  But the colonial administration took no trouble to have these conditions observed and to cancel the grants nearly all of which passed into the hands of influential speculators.  As soon as the militiamen received their letters patent they sold their lands for a trifle, in many instances for a bottle of rum.

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