Tuesday, May 22, 2012

POWS In Jackson, Michigan

We frequently travel through Jackson, Michigan, from our home base that borders the St. Joseph River.  Were the Pottawatomie Indians there before we were? There is a reference to "the Pattawatimas of the River St. Joseph" who signed the Treaty of Greenville. The Pottawatomies in the Jackson/St. Joseph area may have held two POWs* -- something I will think about while traveling through the area.

Fountain in modern day Jackson, Michigan

From Michigan history:

Jackson...is situated in what at an early period was a swamp and one of the most unfavorable favorable spots for a city.  It has overcome these natural disadvantages and is now a beautiful place. A French trader, Baptiste Boreaux, claims to have established a trading post there in 1815.

*Two soldiers of Harrison's Army, McDonagh and Limp, were captured and brought to this place the meeting of the trails during the War of 1812 and were probably tortured by the Pottawatomies.

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