Saturday, February 2, 2013

From Captain Rhea At Fort Wayne

This letter was written pre-war; however Captain Rhea was the commandant at Fort Wayne during the early war years.

Dated Fort Wayne, February 2, 1811, to Major Abymael Nicholl, Inspector of the U.S. Army:

I received yours of the 11th, 15th & 29...enclosing the contract and an order from the War Dept of Dec monthly and Inspection return for the month of January 1811 which I believe is correct...I received from Newport, Kentucky*, from Major Martin Eighty Stands of Rifles without any powder ___ or bullet bags...without any Instructions.

I will thank you to inform me whether they are intended for this post or other wise.

1st Reg Inf
Comm of---

In 1803, General James Taylor, as agent for his father and other owners, sold to the government the ground upon which the barracks are situated.

In 1811 and '12, Newport barracks was the chief depot for military stores. From here were sent supplies of ammunition, arms and provisions, to General Harrison at Vincennes.

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