Friday, February 1, 2013

John Armstrong, Secretary Of War

Source Of Portrait And Text:  The Military Heroes Of The War of 1812

Armstrong was not present in any battle during the war of 1812 [he was Secretary of War and "projector of the campaign of 1813"]... .  It can scarcely be said that he was a very able or a very fortunate leader.  None of his projects were crowned with success. Though he removed his department from Washington to the northern frontier in order to be nearer the scene of operations, he gained nothing from the step but the envy of his Generals.

Yet it would be improper to speak of Armstrong in a tone of unqualified censure.  He experienced many things to exasperate him... . The failure of the campaign of 1813 was far from being entirely his fault. In fact the very errors which led to that failure, he had early warned the commanding Generals against and the removal of the department to the northern frontier was projected in hopes to prevent by his presence unnecessary delays.

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