Monday, April 29, 2013

General Daniel Davis

In Early Settlers of New York State: Their Ancestors and Descendants, Volume 1 it was stated that Daniel Davis married Naomi Le Barron...he enlisted in the War of 1812, was rapidly promoted and became a brigadier-general, and led the men at Fort Erie on September 14, 1814.  While leading his troops in advance of his division, he was fatally wounded and died at the age of 37.  Mrs. Davis later moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan.  General Davis was buried in the old cemetery east of the village (Buell Cemetery, Leroy, New York).

"Porter's victory was complete, but it was obtained at a fearful cost. His three principal leaders, namely, General Davis, Colonel Gibson, and Lieutenant Colonel Wood, all fell mortally wounded... ." [Ibid]

Here's a photo of the sword presented posthumously to Brigadier General Daniel Davis, of the New York Militia.


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