Monday, May 6, 2013

British Graves Near Fort Stephenson

From the Ohio archæological and historical quarterly:

In the plan of the environs of the Fort, it will be noted that the spot where the British officers, Lieut. Colonel Shortt and Lieut. Gordon were buried, is marked.  The new High School building now covers this spot, and in 1891, while excavating for its foundations portions of the graves were uncovered and metallic buttons with the number of the regiment, 41, stamped on them were found, which have been placed in Birchard Library by Mr. H. S. Dorr, their owner.  Mr. Dorr, soon after finding these buttons showed them to President Hayes who stated that in reading an autobiography of a Scotch Bishop Gordon, he found the following: "The great sorrow of my life was the loss of a son in an unimportant battle in an obscure place in North America--called Fort Sandusky."

The blog, Ohio's Yesterdays, has a post about "Lt. Col. William Charles Shortt and His Descendants by Mike Hedges."  An excerpt:
"...Lt Col William Charles Shortt, served in the 41st Regiment of Foot in the British Army and died a heroic death at the Battle of Fort Stephenson, Lower Sandusky, Ohio (Fremont, Ohio), on 2nd August 1813."

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