Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Captain James Rhea In Fold3

Page One of a letter written on behalf of (former) Captain James Rhea by B. Van Cleve from Dayton, Ohio, on May 20, 1815 to the Honorable Secretary of War in Washington, City.:

Some of the information in the letter included:
--General David Forman was a friend of James Rhea's when young
--Brother of Jonathan Rhea, Esq., dec'd, late Chancellor of NJ
--He fought under St. Clair and "I think" under Wayne
--He is now about 50 years old [bapt 28 Sept 1760]
--He was charged with intoxication and the letter writer believed the charge to be true - "like too many of our old military character..."
--He is a man of honor, of integrity, as honest I believe as any man living

"...his savings from a life spent in the services of his country has supported him and his family til now
Without employment, without money, with but few acquaintances, he is about to encounter poverty with all its mortifying attendants -- A party of his officers had combined against him at Fort Wayne perhaps blame might attach both to him and them.  He resigned, perhaps he would have been broke -- ...".

Mr. Van Cleve asked the Secretary of War if some employment could be found for James Rhea at "some of the outposts...a quartermaster, keeper of an arsenal, or conductor of military stores or anything that would earn bread for his family."

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