Friday, June 14, 2013

Captain Lemuel Harvey....

....Of North Yarmouth, Maine:

Source: Remains Of Fort Castine, Castine, Maine

During the War of 1812-14 his [Captain Lemuel Harvey's] vessel was taken by the British near Castine and sent into Halifax. Capt. Harvey, at an opportune moment when the officers were below, fastened the hatchways and regaining control of his vessel with a fair wind carried her safely into Castine. He had lost his hat during the melee and as he entered the port with his hair streaming on the breeze he was greeted with tremendous cheers. The next day, however, Castine was captured, and he, falling again into the hands of the enemy, was taken to Halifax and kept there until an exchange of prisoners at the close of the war brought his release.  Source

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