Saturday, June 15, 2013

Colonel Joseph Wanton Morrison

Joseph Wanton Morrison - britischer General

From The Gentleman's Magazine:

"Colonel J.W. Morrison, Feb 15, died at sea (1826)...This distinguished officer was born at New York May 4, 1783, and was the only son of John Morrison, esq. at that time Deputy Commissary General in America.  He entered the army in 1793."

"In 1811 he was removed to his former regiment, the 89th, and the following year embarked with the second battalion for Halifax. In the spring of 1813 the battalion proceeded to Upper Canada; and in Nov. of that year, Col. Morrison was entrusted with the command of a corps of observation to follow the movements of the American army under Maj.-Gen. Wilkinson, descending the River St Lawrence, and which having landed on the Canadian territory, below Fort Wellington, a division of that force under Brig.-Gen. Boyd, amounting to between 3 and 4,000 men, was on the 11th defeated by the corps of observation* at Chrystler's Farm, Williamsburgh; and after the action the Americans retired to their shores.
*This corps consisted, according to the official dispatch of Sir George Prevost, of the remains of the 49th regiment, the 2d battalion of the 89th, and three companies of Voltigeurs (comprising in the whole not more than 800 rank and file), with a division of gun boats."

"In July 1814, during the engagement Lundy's Lane near the Falls of Niagara, he was so severely wounded that 1815 he returned with his battalion to England... . "

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