Monday, August 12, 2013

Henry's Secret Pre-War Mission

A newspaper article posted online by Penn State, is entitled "A Concise History Of Henry's Mission, Interspersed With Remarks."  The article, featuring Captain John Henry, mentioned that he worked towards "procuring the office of Judge Advocate in Canada, or Consul in the U.States."

Henry corresponded with the Canadian Governor, Sir James Craig, and advocated community activism with the hope that New England would join Canada in an alliance.  "To effect this, Gov. Craig, in Jan. 1809, offered to capt. Henry a secret mission to the U.S. to collect information...".

In February of 1812, disenchanted with his Canadian employers, John Henry turned "...states evidence..." and disclosed the operation to the United States government. "He knew that no one would ascribe his disclosure of treason to pure motives...".

Sir James Craig's instructions to Mr. John Henry:


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