Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Major General Thomas Posey

The Port Folio included a biography of General Thomas Posey who was born 9 July 1750 in Virginia.  In Dunmore's War, Posey served under Colonel Andrew Lewis as a quartermaster. In the Revolutionary War, Posey was appointed captain and raised a regiment.  Captain Posey was later assigned to Colonel Daniel Morgan's rifle regiment.

During the Revolutionary War Thomas Posey's first wife died, leaving one son, John Posey.  He married 2nd the widowed Mrs. Thornton, who was the mother of Thornton Posey.

"...General Posey turned his attention to the Orleans Territory...and finally made a purchase in the Attacapas and removed thither with part of his family. He was in that county in 1812 when hostilities with Great Britain were about to commence and set a brilliant example of patriotism to his countrymen by raising a volunteer company at Baton Rouge of which he accepted the command for a short time with the rank of Captain." [Source: The Port Folio]

Posey was appointed to the position of Senator and headed to Washington, D.C., where he stayed until he was appointed Governor of the Indiana Territory on 3 March 1813, where he remained until Indiana gained statehood.

He died at Shawneetown, Territory of Illinois, on 19 March 1818.

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