Thursday, November 21, 2013

Extracts Of The Journal Of Peter Davis

Peter Davis, the author of this Journal, was born at Shrewsbury, New Jersey, September 16, 1783, and came with his parents to the vicinity of the town of Salem, Harrison county, West Virginia, when but six years of age.  Here he grew to manhood and served with the Harrison County troops in the Western Virginia Brigade, with the Northwestern Army in 1812-13.  On is return from the war he settled on Middle Island Creek, about four miles below West Union, now in Doddridge county, West Virginia, but later removed to "Westfield" in Lewis county.  He was for many years a devoted minister of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. He died March 4, 1873, aged ninety years.

Ohio River

October 20, 1812--"Brigade crossed the Ohio river...."

October 21, 1812--"Encamped at Gallipolis."

October 23, 1812--"Encamped on Big Racoon Creek, at the sign of the "White Horse."

October 25, 1812--"The Brigade arrived at the Scioto Salt Works."

October 26, 1812--"Marched down Salt Creek.... ."

October 27, 1812--"...encamped on the edge of town of Chillicothe."

October 31, 1812--"Struck the tents; waded the Scotia river on a cold, blustering morning; marched fifteen miles, and encamped on the Pickaway Plains."

November 1, 1812--"Marched through the Plains; at a distance of four miles, passed a small town called Jefferson; three miles further, passed through Circleville; proceeded twenty miles this day, and encamped on a large creek."  Source

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