Friday, November 22, 2013

Correspondence: Major Armistead To General Smyth....


...regarding being engaged at Fort Niagara during its bombardment Nov. 21, 1812:

Major Armistead to Brigadier General Smyth
Lewistown November 22, 1812


I left Niagara with the intention of seeing you, but finding my horse not able to proceed, I have declined going.  My business was to get, if possible, some ammunition for the garrison, as we nearly expended all we had yesterday, and which did the enemy great damage--destroyed one of their best buildings, and did the town considerable damage; sunk a schooner that was sent out of Genesee river, and dismounted several of their guns.

...but my greatest concern is, the want of provisions, which, if not supplied, we will inevitably have to evacuate the post.

I am sir, your obedient servant, W.K. ARMISTEAD

The engagement was also noted for the bravery of Mrs. Doyle (see more about her here and here).

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