Monday, November 25, 2013

Lt. Col. George McFeeley

Lieutenant Colonel George McFeeley was the commanding officer at Fort Niagara, War of 1812, and issued the following report [excerpted below] to General Alexander Smyth as found in the Official letters of the military and naval officers of the United States, during the war with Great Britain in the years 1812, 13, 14, & 15 : with some additional letters and documents elucidating the history of that period .

Fort Niagara, November 25th, 1812.


I beg leave to inform you that on the morning of the 21st instant, at 5 o'clock, a heavy connonading opened upon this garrison from all the batteries at, and in the neighbourhood of Fort George, which lasted, without intermission, until after sun-down. The garrison was not as well provided with artillery and ammunition as I could have wished; however, the batteries opened a tremendous fire upon them in return, with hot shot, admirably well directed.

An instance of extraordinary bravery in a female (the wife of one Doyle, a private of the United States' artillery, made a prisoner at Queenstown) I cannot pass over.  See related Doyle post.

Only two of the above men were killed by the enemy's shot, the rest by the bursting of a 12 pounder in the south-east block house, and by the spunges of the guns on the north block house, and at the salt battery.


Below, date line Carlisle 24th March 1812, is McFeeley's acknowledgment of his appointment as lieutenant-colonel (from Fold3).

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