Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Bandy And Others In Fort Harrison

At the time of siege, September 4 and 5, 1812, there were in the fort [Harrison] some sixty persons, soldiers and citizens. We only know the names of the following:

Captain Zachary Taylor, Commandant.

Dr. William A. Clark, Army Surgeon. He was commended by Captain Taylor as acting with the greatest firmness 'and presence of mind in defense of the Fort. Dr. Clark also practiced among the citizens outside the Fort.

Drummer Davis, a deserter from the English army, who joined the Americans as ,a musician. After the war he lived across the river. Died in 1847.

William Bandy, a Virginian [drafted in Bedford County] and soldier. Lived in Fayette Township after the war.
Source - Fold3 - Wm Bandy's File

 William Cowen, who was killed in the fight.
Josey Cowen, his brother, who died the next day of disease.
Joseph Dickson and family, wife and children.
Jonathan Graham and wife. No further notice of Jonathan Graham.
Isaac Lambert and wife, Julia Lafferty Lambert.
Mrs. Briggs and her daughter, Mary.
Mrs. Isaac Anderson and her daughter, Matilda.
Mary Dickson and Joseph Dickson, young children of John Dickson, in care of their aunt, Julia Lambert.
Peter Mallory and family, wife and children.
John Clinton Bradford, a baby about a year old.

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