Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dealing With General John Lambert

From the Life of Andrew Jackson, Volume 2:

"'Lambert?' thought the General. 'Who is Lambert? An untitled Lambert is not the individual for the commander-in-chief of this army to negotiate with.'"

From the Historic New Orleans Collection:

 Folder 103. Letter from Major John Reid ([44th Regiment of US Infantry], ADC to [Maj.] Genl. Jackson, Camp 4 Miles below Orleans...1815 Jan. 13. 

He confirms that the British commander, Gen. Packingham was killed on the 8th, and other senior officers badly wounded, leaving Genl. Lambert, a junior officer, as the one Genl. Jackson must deal with. [British] Admiral Cochrane seems willing to agree to "fair terms as to the exchange of prisoners". Signed: John Reid; added in a different ink: Adjutant Gen. to Gen. Jackson. 4 pp. 1 item.

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