Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gorsuch Family Near Gunpowder Falls

From "The Gorsuch and Lovelace Families (Continued)":

 ...Gerard [Jerit] 8 Gorsuch* (Nicholas 7 , John", Thomas 5 , Charles 4 ). In 1829 he inherited from his uncle Richard Gorsuch with his sister Sarah a lot at Fells Point. 1816, Gerard Gorsuch and his wife Jane make a conveyance of property (Balto. Deeds W.G.No.l39;224). It was probably this Gerard Gorsuch who was a 3rd Lieutenant in the War of 1812 (Marine's British Invasion of Maryland). He was said to have been living in New Orleans about 1840.

"Thomas Gorsuch...married...granddaughter of Edward [Day] and Rebecca Young.... ".  Note: Edward Day was a descendant of Nicholas Day as am I.

The British Invasion of Maryland, 1812-1815 (link added):
Gorsuch, Gerard. 3d Lieutenant in Capt. Bunbury's Sea Fencibles


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