Saturday, May 17, 2014

Where Colonel Holmes Bivouaced

From the Kent County, Ontario, Canada's Historical Society's Papers:

A name [Goulet] that first established itself along the Kent Lake Erie shore... .  The family traditions generally fix the arrival of Francais Xavier Goulet there and the beginning of his settlement duties on his allotment of lot 154 from Col. Talbot about...1817 or 1818. As the surveyor of the district, Mahlon Burwell had only reached the last lot now in Tilbury on this road and encamped on this spot where the American Colonel Holmes bivouaced in the war of 1812... .

"I passed the place in Front of Lot No. 177 (Tilbury East) where Major Holmes of the United States Army had encamped a Day or two, when on their intended expedition against Port Talbot in time of the late War. I find here...when they have remained all night in our Woods, they have felled large Trees flat to the Ground all round their Encampment, to serve as a Breast Work in the event of an attack. Two Field Pieces and ammunition Waggons were left here by Major [Andrew Hunter] Holmes, which were destroyed by the Loyal Essex Rangers. The Carriages were burnt, and the Guns and ammunition were carried back and deposited in a Black Ash Swamp where they remained until the Treaty of Peace." 

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