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Correspondence From Camp Seneca

From the Western Reserve Historical Society. 'Biographical Notices and Correspondence ....


CAMP MEIGS, Sept 12th, 1813.

Dear Sir: — If there is nothing at Camp Seneca or Sandusky for the 19th Regt, I wish you to have all the men belonging to the Regt at Seneca clothed, and all that will be able for the campaign, kept under the command of Ensign Mitchell until they join me. I am informed that there are a number of scattering soldiers of the 19th Regt about Seneca & Sandusky, exclusive of those now with Ensign Mitchell; some driving waggons and some In other Regiments, &c. If you can find any such, you will please to claim them, and attach them to the rest. The brave Capt. Nevung died on the 9th inst., and was buried on the day following. I believe the cause of his death was owing to his over fatiguing himself on his return to this place. He vomited nearly all the way from Camp Seneca, and was taken very bad the same night he arrived here.

Some of our Indians who went in the direction of Brownstown a few days ago, returned this evening, and informs us, that yesterday about 12 o'clock, they saw our fleet, and that of the British engage, and that the engagement continued until midnight. We are in great anxiety here to know the result.

I am with respect & esteem,

Your Obt Servt,
Col. 19th Infantry.

Major G [George] Tod, 19th Regt Infantry, Camp Seneca.

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