Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Richmonds In War of 1812

Adam Richmond enlisted in the War of 1812, with his brother Ezra, and they were the first of the ill-fated volunteers who crossed into Canada.  They were under Gen. Dans [Davis]* of Leroy, N.Y.  "He was a straight-forward, energetic, industrious farmer, of good moral character, and strictly temperate in all things."  They lived at Greenbush, Mich.  [Source: JB Richmond book]
Again in September, while the war was in progress at and near Fort Erie, in Canada, news came to us that the British were about to attack the Fort and our troops there must be reinforced.
A sortie was made from the Fort September 17th...A man of our company named Howard was killed, another named Sheldon was wounded in the shoulder, and Moses Bacon was taken prisoner and carried to Halifax.
*In that sortie General [Daniel] Davis, of Le Roy, was killed, and Gen. Peter B. Porter was taken prisoner, and rescued again the same day. We came home after an absence of twenty-four days. [Source]

Adam and David Richmond were witnesses for Abram Butterfield's Pension Application for his War of 1812 service:

Source At Fold3
 "...of the aforesaid Captain Buell's Company or Lieutenant Butler's Company, viz: David Richmond, Adam Richmond, Thomas Howard, Caleb Cooley and Asa Butterfield, and that the aforesaid Thomas Howard, who died on his way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, at Quebec was a prisoner with me being taken by the British at the Battle of Fort Erie."

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