Friday, November 21, 2014

Prelude: Napoleon's Berlin Decree


Berlin Decree of 21 November 1806 issued by Napoleon:

"The decree forbade the import of British goods into European countries allied with or dependent upon France, and installed the Continental System in Europe. His plan was to unite the European countries against Britain."

From The war of 1812 ...:  21st November 1806: Placed in a position of power apparently impregnable by his recent victory of Jena (14th Oct, 1806) which left the Prussian monarchy prostrate at his feet; but smarting still with the galling memory of Trafalgar, the French Emperor deemed the opportunity afforded by the complete humiliation of Prussia favorable for returning as fiercely and as fully as he could the terrible blow inflicted by Great Britain in the annihilation of his navy. 

Britain's response to the Berlin Decree, the Orders In Council (1807), caused tension between the United States and Britain, which eventually led to war between them.

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