Saturday, November 22, 2014

Skirmishing And Spies Near Defiance

Fort Defiance (Ohio) In Granite

From Elias Darnell -- A journal containing an accurate and interesting ...;

[Sept.? 1812] 27th. The spies and Capt. Garrard's troop started this morning to bury the dead. They were attacked by a party of Indians who were watching the dead. One of the spies got shot in the ankle by an Indian. They fired on the Indians, and with the assistance of Capt. Garrard, they made them run... .  It was supposed some of them were badly wounded. Capts. Hickman and Ruddell returned, who had started this morning to reconnoitre Fort Defiance. They reported, that they saw many fresh signs of Indians. As they returned to camp they spied an encampment of Indians; the Indians were talking and laughing merrily. A detachment was sent after dark in order to surprise them. Ruddell, their pilot, got lost before he got far, so that they could not execute their design.

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