Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cincinnati Volunteers

Taken from Personal memories, social, political, and literary, with sketches of many noted people, 1803-1843, by E.D. Mansfield:

Cincinnati boasted at that time of two volunteer companies. One was a company of light infantry, commanded by Captain John Mansfield, of whom I have spoken. The other was a company of dragoons, commanded by Captain Sloane. These were formed on the right and left of the militia line. When the call was made for volunteers, it seemed to me the whole division volunteered. At any rate, these two volunteer companies were received, and made part of the army of Hull. Captain Mansfield entered upon this campaign with the zeal and high hopes of a young man, but he had not advanced far with the army, on the way to Canada, before he wrote to his uncle, what afterward proved the truth of history, that General Hull was an imbecile, from whom nothing but disaster could be expected.

From the pension file of Charles Hasson, who was a member of Captain Sloan(e)'s command:


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