Friday, December 5, 2014

Damages At Fort Bowyer

Fort Bowyer Morphed To Fort Morgan

Congressional serial set, Issue 210:

"...the commanding officer had said store-house demolished, in order that it might not afford to the invaders a shelter."

"Your petitioner, Benjamin S. Smoot, of Mobile, Alabama, represents that he was sutler to the second regiment of the United States' infantry, from 1809 to 1815; that he, with his partner in business, Dennison Darling, erected, about the year 1813, at fort Bowyer, a store-house... ."

Baldwin County, Alabama's Guide to the Records of Miscellaneous Court Records Collection included the following:

"Benjamin Stoddart Smoot’s name appears in several of the early documents. The young Smoot arrived in the area in the early 1800s and was appointed the Baldwin County sheriff. He married a daughter of Samuel Mims who was killed in the 1813 Fort Mims massacre and during the subsequent Creek Indian War he served on Andrew Jackson’s staff."

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