Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Colonel Dudley Evans

From Genealogical and personal history of the upper Monongahela valley...:

Dudley [Evans], born March 30, 1766, in Loudoun county, Virginia, died March 4, 1844.

In the "General Order" issued by Governor James Barbour, April 19, 1812, he was designated as colonel of one of the two regiments comprising "The Western Virginia Brigade," destined for service in the northwestern army under General William Henry Harrison. The regiment including Colonel Dudley Evans rendezvoused at Point Pleasant, from whence they proceeded to Columbus and Delaware through the wilderness and swamps, finally reaching the neighborhood of Fort Meigs, Ohio, where it formed a part of the right wing of Harrison's army.

Ohio Swampland

A discharge for Leonard Cooper signed by Dudley Evans, Col.:


 Fort Meigs  March 20th 1813
Leonard Cooper a private in Capt. A. Vansickles' company in the 2nd Reg't 1st Brigade of the Virginia Militara having performed a tour of duty of six months in the service of the United States N. W. Army is here by honorably discharged, and has to travel two hundred and thirty five miles to his place of residence.

Dudley Evans, Col.

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