Monday, December 1, 2014

In Uncle Samuel's Domains


From Historic Sketches Of Oshawa:

A neglected and time worn slab next the fence, along the northern border, will never fail to interest the visitor to this quiet home of the dead. It bears this inscription "In Memory of Capt. Benj, Wilson, who died Mar. 5th, 1821, in the 89th year of his age." By its side a similar slab is seen which tells its own story "James Wilson, died, May 17, 1863, Age 73 son of Benj. Wilson."

Another son was named David, and of him a well authenticated story is told to this effect, that at the time of the war between England and United States in 1812, his sympathies being on the side of his fatherland, and fearing enlistment by the British, he shaped a craft from a pine log, and with no other compass than the glimmer of the northern star he steered across the lake and remained in Uncle Samuels domains until the close of the war, when he returned to his father s home. [Source]

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