Thursday, April 30, 2015

Degredation Inflicted By Armstrong


The Life of Major-General William H. Harrison... ...:

General Armstrong's plan of the campaign submitted to the President on the 30th of April, 1814, left no doubt that General Harrison would not be assigned a command in the active operations of the year.

But the Secretary of War [Armstrong] was not content with the degredation he had inflicted upon the brave Harrison in withdrawing him from his command and withholding him from active service during the approaching campaign. 

He still persisted in interfering with his prerogatives as the commander of the district. His next unworthy act was to dispatch to Major Holmes, a subordinate officer at Detroit, an order to take two hundred men from that port and proceed on board of Commodore Sinclair's fleet destined for Mackinac. This proceeding on the part of the Secretary of War was a gross invasion of military propriety as well as a direct insult to General Harrison, whatever may have been the design.

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