Friday, May 1, 2015

Meeting At Hutchinson's Tavern

Room In Ohio [Not Hutchinson's Tavern]

From Personal memories, social, political, and literary, with sketches of many noted people, 1803-1843:

In the spring of 1812, the army, which was to be commanded by General Hull, began to assemble at
Cincinnati. Governor Meigs called out the First Division of Ohio militia, to meet at Hutchinson's Tavern, on the Colerain road. This was near our house, and I [E.D. Mansfield] went with my father to the place of meeting. The division was drawn out in line, and presented as motley an appearance as has ever been seen. Some of the men had rifles, but the greater part only sticks and cornstalks. As to uniform, there were all kinds of apparel, from hunting-shirts to butternut jackets.

"In 1811, Ezekiel [Hutchinson] purchased 400 acres of land in the Mill Creek Township. On this property, he opened a tavern and hotel called the Golden Lamb. This establishment was a resting point for travelers between Cincinnati and Hamilton, Ohio."[Source]

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