Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pike's Last Orders?

From the Official letters of the military..., an excerpt of General Z. Pike's BRIGADE ORDER. :

Sacketts Harbor, April 25th, 1813.

When the debarkation shall take place on the enemy's shore, major Forsyth's light troops, formed in four platoons, shall be first landed. They will advance a small distance from the shore, and form the chain to cover the landing of the troops. They will not fire, unless they discover the approach of a body of the enemy, but will make prisoners of every person who may be passing, and send to the general.

It is expected that every corps will be mindful of the honour of the American arms, and the disgraces which have recently tarnished our arms; and endeavour, by a cool and determined discharge of their duty, to support the one, and wipe off the other. The riflemen in front will maintain their ground at all hazards, until
ordered to retire, as will every corps of the army.

Any man firing, or quitting his post, without orders, must be put to instant death, as an example may be necessary.

All those found in arms in the enemy's country, shall be treated as enemies; but those who are peaceably following the pursuits of their various vocations, friends — and their property respected.

By order of the brigadier general,

Charles G. Jones,
assistant aid-de-camp.

For the subsequent death of General Z.M. Pike, see Loss Severely Felt.

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