Thursday, September 17, 2015

Daniel Davis Was An Officer From New York

Did Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis attain the rank General?  Short answer:  Yes.*

Military Minutes...,State of New York, included Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis' regiment:

John Atchison, first major, vice J. Smith, resigned; James Ganson, second do, vice John Atchison, promoted.

Richard Waite, captain, vice James Ganson, do; Russell Davis, lieutenant, vice Richard Waite, do; Jacob Widener, lieutenant; Noble B. Douglass, ensign.

Frederick Roe, captain, vice Jones, deceased; William Henshaw, lieutenant, vice Frederick Roe, promoted; Matthew Dimie, ensign, vice William Henshaw, promoted.

Here's a document from the Pension Application of GENERAL Daniel Davis's widow (who later moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan):

General Davis was killed on 17 September 1814.

*Daniel Davis [Lt. Col. Ny Vols] in the Registers of Enlistments in the United States Army, 1798-1914 [NARA]:

"...Present at Plattsburgh as Col. ...Reported on Returns of Militia of State of N.Y. dated 1814, as Gen'l (Brigadier).  Killed Sept. 17/14, at Ft. Erie, U.C."

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