Friday, October 14, 2016

Don't Go To Bed Hungry

Did They Also Have Tea To Drink?  A Block Of Tea At An Historic Fort

From Pioneer Collections...(recollections of Aura P. Stewart of St. Clair County, Michigan):

"Gen. Trotter, on hearing Gen. Meigs' order, rode up in front of his men and said: 'Boys don't go to bed hungry; if you can find anything good to eat, take it, and I will pay for it.'  It was vegetables the men wanted, and they took them whatever found.  The next morning Gen. Harrison sent for the men whose gardens had been invaded; the damages were estimated and paid to the satisfaction of all.  The British troops, in their hurry, left at Dolsen's Station, several hundred loaves of bread, which Mrs. Dolsen was selling to our men at twenty-five cents a loaf, which my father put a stop to by informing the men that it was left by the British troops, and did not belong to Mrs. Dolsen."

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