Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yost's Military Adventures

Yost's book (transcribed as written):

"Major lewis Came up with us he took the greatest paines to instruct the troops and it is a pleasing thing to see such a good officer as Major Lewis at the head of so many fine troops...

Riviere La Tranche (River Thames In  Ontario, Canada)

...on the 22 the British prisoners that was taken up the river trench pased this place under the care of the Cantucky milicia about four hundred in number two companys was ordered out of our Brigade Commanded by Richeson and Smith to gard the British prisoners to Chilecothe at this place I wrote to Samuel Zane But on the morning of the 26 we again took up the line of march and then we was inspected by Major Lewis...

Fort Meigs

...and then marcht for fort Megs with two days provisions in our nabsacks our rout was down the Sandusky River about four miles and one half and then Crost a large Creek and then took the old indian trale Which was through a low marchy ground....".

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