Monday, October 13, 2014

Queenston Heights


Before daylight on the morning of the 13th of October. a large of General Van Rensselaer's army, numbering between thirteen and fourteen hundred, under Brigadier General Wadsworth, effected a landing the lower end of the Village of Queenston, (opposite Lewiston) and an attack upon the position which was defended with the utmost determined bravery by the two flank companies of the 49th Regiment, commanded by Captains Dennis and Williams, aided by such of the forces and Indians as could be collected in the vicinity.

A considerable force, however, had effected a landing some distance above, and succeeded in gaining the summit of the mountain. No resistance could now be offered to the crossing from Lewiston, except by the battery at Vromont's Point,, half a mile below and from this a steady and harassing fire was kept up which did considerable execution. [Source]

See The Battle Of Queensto(w)n Heights here.

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